Legacy of the Nameless Queens, choker/bracelet and earrings set.  Well beyond our cultural memory, there was a long line of queens—warriors and scholars, from “proper” and learned to rough and feral—who abandoned their names to take on their country; and with it, a symbol of their status. The Legacy jewels have been stolen, bartered, hidden and, if the stories are true, were once melted down only to miraculously re-form in the hands of a True Queen. Clearly the legends differ from region to region, becoming more grandiose as time passes. The fact remains, however, the Legacy jewels do remain intact, perhaps waiting for their next queen…

So this… took… a long time.  I implore you to head to the gallery page for more pictures and information.  Or perhaps you are one of the True Queens who will claim this as your right?

Today’s winter sale feature: Alchemist’s Pet!  It’s a remarkably noticeable piece, let’s say.

In support of Desert Bus for Hope and Child’s Play, the 20% off everything except made-to-order items sale is going until the bus stops running!

Today’s winter sale feature, Submerging!  131 genuine Swarovski crystals.  Epic shiny.

It’s currently 20% off until November 14.

Today’s winter sale feature: Nine Dragons Collar!  I think this could classify as a “show-stopper”, if you’re into that sort of thing.  Heh.

It’s currently available for 20% off until November 14th.

Today’s winter sale feature, Past the Illusion!  I hope to find more sincerely epic buttons to make jewelry with in the future.


Today’s featured item: Alchemist’s Pet!  31 stunning Swarovski crystals and so many more beads than I would ever want to count.  This lovely companion is also 20% off until midnight tomorrow!

Today’s featured item: Alchemist’s Pet!  31 stunning Swarovski crystals and so many more beads than I would ever want to count.  This lovely companion is also 20% off until midnight tomorrow!

Nine Dragons Collar. Legends insist that the Five Great Desert Temples are guarded by nine dragon siblings; two to each directional temple, the eldest one in the center.  They are fair dragons, now, and certainly would not do harm to anyone who approached without mallice in their heart; but they will defend their land and each other from fools.  The treasure, you see, is what changes with every telling.  Is it gold?  Jewels?  Knowledge?  Power beyond human comprehension?  No one has ever managed to return to tell.

The end to a spectacular dragon hunting expedition!  Which is to say that my (very patient, supportive) partner in crime and I spent 15 minutes combing through a huge bin of cloisonne beads just to find these tiny articulated dragons that I had never seen anywhere before.  And then some weeks later, this happened.  True story.

More pictures and much more information are available on the gallery page, and the necklace itself is currently for sale.

Sometimes there is something even more wonderful, even more radiant, even more unimaginably magnificent hiding just beneath the surface.  Go ahead and tease them.

It started with a button.  A beautiful, strange, utterly irresistible button.  I bought it the moment I saw it because I could not fathom walking away from that button.  And then those two cylindrical beads to either side, mirroring the button’s peacock hues while throwing in a few tricks of their own.  The other beads just sort of… gravitated toward it.  I can’t explain; I’ve had these elements for well over two years and it finally decided to come together now.  Who am I to question?

There is some serious freaking sparkle here.  There’s just no way to get the full extent of how amazingly shiny this button-turned-necklace-centerpiece is or how everything else just seems to drape perfectly off of it.  It’s over-the-top and elegant all at once.  Glamo(u)r-punk?  (Seeing as how I was on a steady musical diet of The Killers, The Psychedelic Furs and Planet Funk while I was making this…)  I’m just so happy it all came together.


Ramum Olivae.  Long ago, there was a place I visited that was like a dream.  It was endlessly beautiful, inhabited by magnificent giants—that I was tasked with killing.  Many times I questioned the slaughter, but still I pressed on, eager to see what would become of me and the world around me, and it was when I saw the giants all laying motionless that I felt the weight of what I’d done.  From that day on I left the realm, swearing a self-imposed exile; I no longer deserved to see such beauty.  Maybe one day I can return to the Forbidden Land, to witness the landscape again… but there will be no more killing.

Shadow of the Colossus left a lasting impact on me that I’m not sure was intended by Team ICO.  I cannot do the epic right with words, but maybe in a beaded peace offering?  I’d been wanting to do something with the Eye of the Colossus (an item that doesn’t actually appear in the finished game, but the model and function code still exist in preview builds; yes, this is how much of a geek I am) for quite a long time now, and it all just sort of crashed down around me with a large, round fiber optic cabochon.  Then came paint.  And beads.  Lots and lots of bead and many days of weaving beads to more beads.

I’m so happy with this.  Not only did the Eye of the Colossus come out beautifully, but the dark gray beads frame it perfectly, and the “serpent creature” astounds me.  Of course those are Swarovski crystals for the eyes.  The clasp is one of those hook attachments that I normally use for dragon bracelets, but in this case it was the best choice.  There are also sixteen “spines”, one to represent each Colossus.  They’re not actually spiny in any way, as they’re held together with thread and flexible.  Just thought I’d say so.

(“Ramum olivae” is Latin for “branch of olive”; an olive branch.  A peace offering.)

(It also just happens to be available for sale.)

Black, white and silver is classy.  Elegant.  But just black, white and silver is cold.  The answer?  The color of life itself: deep, rich crimson.

Admittedly, I’ve yet to identify these stones.  They’re heavy, high-gloss, and look to be to be very close to obsidian… but don’t quote me on that.  The red stones are jade dyed deep blood red, and I adore them.  They have this incredible layered shimmer to them and the occasional black band that works beautifully.  All of the wire and the clasp itself are all pure sterling silver.  It can be worn with the stylized “leaves” on the silver beads visible, or flipped over so that they’re just plain red.  Either way, gorgeous.

(And also available.)