Another couple of silver-wrapped gemstone pendants up on Etsy today.  You could choose from a blue-green Holy pendant, or a light green one.  Such world-saving possibilities!

(Apologies for my sincerely destroyed fingers.  I don’t tend to use lotion until the end of the day.)

A couple of the older sterling silver-wrapped pendants are available for sale today: the “chocobo lure” (dark purple fluorite), and the “black materia” (rainbow obsidian with a massive halo).

Akanksha isn’t quite one of those magical fish who grants wishes.  If a cruel person catches her, then what she whispers in their ear is the truth of their cruelty, and how the rest of the world is pained by such actions.  If a kind person catches her, she will whisper to them of the good things that they have done, and encourage them about the good things that are still left to do.

Fitting, then, that Akanksha would be a barrette. I’d just been looking at images of koi and fighting fish and… decided to try something different?  I have no other explanation.  And I finally found a use for beading thread, at long last!  Ahem.  Those larger beads are mostly gemstone (and argh, I can only identify the quartz with any certainty; the rest is “dyed something”) and therefore heavy.  Her pectoral fins are wired beads, and her dorsal fin is comprised of only beads a thread, reinforced with iridescent paint so that it’s flexible.

(She also happens to be available for sale.)

Lovely Kuro is now on his way to his new home.  Enjoy, little guy.

Lovely Kuro is now on his way to his new home.  Enjoy, little guy.

How wonderful!  This lovely pair of pendants finally sold.  (Back story: They’ve been on hold twice and canceled due to bank/credit card issues.  I was starting to think they were cursed.)

(…They’re not actually cursed.)

I’m so very happy to report that Pyrria has found a good home and will be sent on her way shortly!  (Well, I don’t want her waiting in a box for any longer than she has to.)

New in the Shiny Things Etsy shop today: another pair of gemstone materia pendants!

The “Meteor materia” is another gorgeous rainbow obsidian bead with one *incredibly* bright halo in green and gold, and a very subtle silver-blue one on the opposite side (which I could not get to photograph for the life of me). The “Holy materia” is real aquamarine, the internal layers giving it an incredible shimmer at any angle, the white bands adding even more. Both beads are able to “spin” in case the wearer would like them repositioned in their wire setting.

I’m seriously resting my hands for a few days in a row now.  No, really.

The Bride’s Bird.  Still very young and unaware of the ways of the world, the seventeenth daughter of Nature decided to take a husband.  There were many years of bliss, until her husband became ill.  When his eyes ceased to see her and his chest ceased to move, she cried out in anguish for her mother’s help; but Nature told her this was the way of mortals, and she could do nothing to go against their fate.  Nature’s daughter begged the birds to take her soul to her husband’s, but they too could not go against the way of things.  Devastated and alone, the daughter of Nature tore apart her wedding dress and began to fashion her own bird, sewn together with her own hair, bejeweled with her own blood, its eyes made from her own crystallized tears held in place by her own wedding ring.  She breathed the breath of life into the bird, and when its wings spread and flapped she begged for it to take her soul to her husband’s.  The end of the tale changes depending upon the storyteller, but they generally agree that the bird took her to meet her husband, and Nature would never again acknowledge her seventeenth daughter.

More info and a couple more pictures are available on my web site.  (It’s also currently available for sale.)

Despite appearances, Pyrria is actually quite shy.  She opens up and becomes the life of the party when she’s comfortable, but until then she is more than content to explore on her own or find a nice little quiet spot to roost and sing to herself.

Pyre birds are often mistaken for phoenixes by (hopefully) well-meaning but generally easily-distracted or just plain inattentive mages, magicians and alchemists.  They’re more closely related to dragons than they are to phoenixes, legs designed for running at high speeds and leaping.  That’s not to say they don’t fly, of course; they rely more on self-made heated air (in part thanks to the heartstone) to stay afloat than their wings.  There was some, shall we say, “unpleasantness” a while back regarding humans and their inability to keep their hands off sparklies that they proclaimed as their own, hence why pyre birds are rarely seen these days.

(There are quite a few more pictures and detail shots at her gallery page.  She’s also looking for a good home, by the way.)

Sebian has a deep curiosity about the world.  A “hunger”, if you like.  In fact, he’s really very interested in food.  Cooking, as well.  Or rather, he likes to do the sampling instead of the cooking.  Such is rather common of a young bead wing dragon, since they’ve got an awful lot of growing to do.

Yeah, “bead wing”.  What else am I gonna call him?  The only plans I really had for this one when I started were 1.) the yarn color, and 2.) that he was going to be wyvern-styled.  Everything else was kind of just… what happened.  I’d planned to do the wings completely differently, too.  I really, literally, cannot explain what happened—but I’m not complaining.  Even if the wings did take me four days and more beads than I ever want to count.

And yes, he is fully poseable, fully flexible, and fully scratch-under-the-chin-able.  For detail shots and more pictures, please head over to Sebian’s gallery page.

(And he just so happens to be looking for a good home.)