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THIS YEAR’S WIN-WIN HOLIDAY SHOPPING GUIDE IS READY!!!  CHECK IT OUT!  Handmade gifts > Mass-produced gifts.

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Happy holidays!! :D

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A Morning Cup of Jo


I am so happy to be surrounded by so much awesome.


Many Tumblarians are talented artists and crafters. In the spirit of the holidays, let’s help them out by doing our holiday shopping at their online shops!  It’s a win-win situation, really.  You get to buy a super unique, handmade gift for someone special, and the artist/crafter gets some much needed business!  :D  Read the original post here.

 Let’s SPREAD THE WORD and start exploring! I’ll be featuring shops in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! Please refer to the bold print below and feel free to reply, like, message me, and reblog. 

Happy holiday shopping! :)

Forever supporting artists and crafters,

A Morning Cup of Jo

@ SHOP OWNERS: please REBLOG this post and add on the following: 1) link me to your shop, 2) write a little blurb about you & the shop, 3) point out a few of your favorite items (make sure you’ve taken great pictures), and 4) let me know if you have a coupon code(+expiration date)!  

@ EVERYONE: what handmade gifts would you like to see this season?

1.) Shiny Things by Orin Drake:

2.) Orin enjoys providing shiny accessories and companions for the modern adventurer, particularly those of geekish essence.

3.) I’m partial to the Hylian Royal Crest Corset Cuff, the Tron Lives Bracelet Set, the Maleficent-themed dragon bracelet and the Dangly Tachikoma Necklace… but it’s hard to pick favorites!

4.) Enter coupon code “CUPOFJO10OFF” for 10% off your full order from Nov 26-30.  ‘Cause why not?